Our Team

Rod Schubert, Governance

Rod Schubert


Hi, my name is Rod. I have been worshipping at Nunawading for many years. I am a member of the Church Council and the current chairman. I praise God that I am able to contribute to the good governance of our Church, liaise with our Pastor and members of the various committees. I also enjoy helping people and maintaining our church facilities together with others. You are most welcome to join us!

Merrilyn Beaumont, Children's Ministry

Merrilyn Beaumont

Children’s Ministry

Hi, my name is Merrilyn. After many years of secondary teaching, I returned to Melbourne University in 1995 to follow my keen interest in linguistics. This led to work at Swinburne University leading a very grounded team in the provision of Migrant English and Literacy and Numeracy programs for adults. My childhood at Doncaster was blessed with very inspirational and noble Sunday School teachers, whose mentorship nurtured my passion for working with children in the church. And so since joining Waverley in 1984, it has been the most wonderful and joyous opportunity to continue with this precious ministry. Our Children’s Ministry program shares the gospel in very interactive ways, and our teaching team empowers our children as active young Christians in a challenging world.

Susanne Hudson, Worship Ministry

Susanne Hudson

Worship Ministry

Hi, my name is Susanne. Having been a teacher for most of my working life, I have been a member of ‘Redeemer’ since 1976,  together with my husband, Peter, joining just two weeks before our current church building was opened. My involvements in the congregation have been various over the years but I am currently involved in the Worship Committee. I am always interested in how Christ can be made real to people in new ways, how worship can be made relevant to all and how our church can be a comfortable, welcoming place.

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